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Iwin the Dutch Angel Dragon
I finally decided to do a Dutch Angel Dragon of my good friend's to perhaps cheer her up a bit. 

Iwin belongs to :icondragons-fan: 
Monster Tom
This I orginally drew for someone who was down, but I decided I'd share it with you guys!

((Tom does not belong to me!))

((Please do not steal, trace or share (or repost, however you call it) without my permission!))
So, I had made an Undertale AU out of boredom, and it's called Halotale! :D So, if you want me to explain, lemme explain.

You thought everything was the same, even after the Covenant and Human war, or any other war that was done with the human race? Think again, this timeline will take you through a different story, that is said that these "monsters" had been through a lot lately, only one human had decided to fall into the ruins, her name was Feral, she had found Lactiis, and they both fell in love at first sight, a couple years later, they had gotten married, and both ruled the underground together, they also adopted an anthropomorphic wolf kid, named Victor, and they lived happily in the underground for god knows how long, but that changed when another human had fallen down, Feral and Lactiis had taken that human in, everything went wrong when suddenly that child began to run a sickness, she had been poisoned by something? But what? After they had curiously researched about it, they found it was the buttercups, the child died within some days, and Victor had went to the surface after he had somewhat absorbed the humans soul, to put her in a patch of flowers, the humans posed a threat to Victor, and shot at him with the high tech weapons, and he had surprisingly survived that moment, and made it back to Feral and Lactiis, but after he had made it, he had collapsed, and turned to dust.... Feral and Lactiis lived in despair then, and Feral had left Lactiis to live in the ruins. 

Doesn't all of this sound familiar to you? Of course it does, except there are a few changes in the story ;)

The changes in the AU, is that some of the characters are replaced by either OC's, or characters from the actual Halo franchise, and these characters look a little more advanced, except for Feral. Feral and Sans DO NOT love each other for this AU, sorry to those who like this "Soriel" ship that want to refer this as "Seral".. I mean, yes, Feral is Toriel for this AU, but c'mon, really? You'd ship a robot skeleton with a human being? Bonnie Bruh Chat Icon  I mean, you can ship whoever you want, but the kinkshamming man xD I just dont wanna have to be kinkshammed for shipping a human with a robot skeleton!Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon 

Of course I am still working on the refs as well, so just sit tight while I work on the rest Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

Anyway, enjoy your day!


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United States
Derpness.... XD


Lineart and Color + Shading
The thing that takes longer for me to finish, due to school and stuff. But I also suck at shading.(Points only please)
Lineart and Color
Coloring and Lineart (Please direct me to a ref of the character so I know who I should copy the colors off of.) (Points only please)
No shading, No color, just lineart and my signature. :) Just points please.


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